By entering the value of your vehicle in the 'Vehicle Value' field below, you will be able to see the amount it will cost to transfer a vehicle into your name.

Duty is calculated at a rate depending on the type of vehicle being transferred.
For rate details click here. Please ensure you select the correct vehicle type.

Once all the information has been entered press the 'Calculate ' Button.  The total amount payable to transfer the vehicle into your name will be displayed in the 'Amount Payable' field.

Duty and transfer fees are payable within 14 days of a motor vehicle being purchased.

Click here for a Transfer of Registration Form

Duty and Transfer Fee Calculator
Please enter the market value or price ($) paid, whichever is the greater. (including the value of trade ins.)
Vehicle Value
Is your vehicle a passenger vehicle?
e.g. car, campervan not exceeding 9 seats?
Or, is your vehicle a motorcycle, trailer or commercial vehicle (such as utility, panel van or bus not greater than 4.5 GVM)?
Or, is your vehicle a caravan or camper trailer (constructed principally for use as a dwelling)?
Or, is your vehicle a heavy vehicle (such as a truck, or bus greater than 4.5 GVM)?
Duty Owed $
Transfer Fee $
Total Amount Payable $

This calculator has been provided to assist you in calculating the amounts you may have to pay.  The Department of State Growth takes no responsibility for any incorrect information, or any discrepancy between the information provided on this web site and that appearing in any notice issued pursuant to the relevant Act, or any loss incurred as a result of reliance on the information or program of this web site.